Michael Jordan Tearful Tribute

マイケルジョーダン・涙ながらの感情豊なスピーチ動画 https://youtu.be/NScyakmj2HU 感情を込めて英語を音読をして、感情豊かな英語の人格・英語のエモーションを自分の中につくりだしていきましょう。そうすることで、感情が想起されたとき、自然と音読した英語がでてきます

(中くらい 高校生,大学生 コビー追悼スピーチ | マイケル・ジョーダン 感情豊かなスピーチ
動画 https://youtu.be/NScyakmj2HU

Kobe never left anything / on the court.

And I think / that's what he would want us to do.

I'm grateful to be here / to honor Gigi / and celebrate the gifts / that Kobe gave us / all what he accomplished (彼が達成した全て) / as a basket ball player , 
as a businessman / and a storyteller / and as a father.

In the game of basketball , in life, as a parent , Kobe left nothing in the tank.

He left it all / on the floor.

Maybe it surprised people / that Kobe and I were very close friends.

But we were very close friends.

Kobe was my dear friend.

He was like a little brother .

Everyone always wanted to talk / about the comparisons(比較について) / between he and I.

I just wanted to talk about Kobe.

You know / all of us have brothers and sisters -
little brothers, little sisters / who for
whatever reason , always tend to get in your stuff (あなたの物を使おうとする) , your closet, your shoes, everything.

It was a nuisance(困ったこと・うっとおしい、迷惑なこと) - if I can say that word -
but that nuisance turned into love / over a period of time , 
just because the admiration(憧れ、敬意・賞賛) / that they have
for you / as big brothers or big sisters , 
the questions in wanting / to know every little detail
about life / that they were about to embark on (彼らがまさに乗り出そうとするlife).

He used to call me , text me , 11:30, 2:30, 3 o'clock in the morning , 
talking about post-up moves , footwork, and sometimes, the triangle.

At first , it was an aggravation(いらだつこと).
But then it turned / into a certain passion (特定の情熱へ).

This kid had passion / like you would never know.

It's an amazing thing / about passion.

If you love something , 
if you have a strong passion for something , 
you would go to the extreme / to try to understand / or try to get it.

Either ice cream, Cokes, hamburgers , 
whatever you have a love for.

If you have to walk / you would go get it.

If you have to beg someone / you would go get it.

What Kobe Bryant was to me / was the inspiration(直観) / that someone truly cared / about the way / either I played the game
/ or the way / that he wanted to play the game.

He wanted to be the best basketball player / that he could be.

And as I got to know him , I wanted to be the best big brother /
that I could be.

To do that , you have to put up / with the aggravation(そのいらだちに) , 
the late-night calls , or the dumb questions.

I took great pride / as I got to know Kobe Bryant
/ that he was just trying / to be a better person , 
a better basket ball player.

We talked about business , we talked about family , 
we talked about everything.

And he was just trying / to be a better person.

I remember / may be a couple months ago , 
he sends me a text / and he said , 

"I'm trying / to teach my daughter some moves."

"And I don't know / what I was thinking / or what I was working on.

But what were you thinking / about as you were growing up /
trying to work on your moves?"

I said, "What age?"
He says "12".

I said / "12, I was trying / to play baseball."

He sends me a text back saying , "Laughing my ass off"(=おしりが取れるくらい笑う, LMAOと略されることもあり ).

And this is at 2 o'clock / in the morning.

But the thing about him / was we could talk about anything
/ that related to basketball /
but we could talk about anything / that related to life.

And we, as we grew up in life , rarely have friends
/ that we can have conversations like that.

Well, it's even rare / when you can grow up /
against adversaries(敵・ライバルに対して) / and have conversations like that.

I went and saw Phil Jackson in 1999 , 
maybe 2000, I don't know , 
when Phil was here in LA.

And I walk in / and Kobe's sitting there , 
and the first thing Kobe said , 
"Did you bring your shoes?"

"No, I wasn't thinking / about playing".

But his attitude to compete(競争する彼の姿勢) / and play against someone / he felt like could enhance / and improve his game , 
to me, that's what I loved / about the kid.

I absolutely loved about the kid.

No matter / where he saw me , 
it was a challenge.

And I admired him (私は彼を褒めたたえた)/ because his passion.

You rarely see someone / who is looking / and trying to improve
each and every day / not just in sports , but as a parent, as a husband.

I am inspired / by what he has done , 
and what he has shared with Vanessa , 
and what he has shared with his kids.

I have a daughter / who is 30 / and I became a grandparent.

And I have two twins.
I have twins at 6.

I can't wait to get home / to become a "Girl Dad" 
/ and to hug them / and to see the love and smiles / that they bring to us as parents.

He taught me that / just by looking at this tonight , 
looking at how he responded / 
and reacted with the people / he actually loved.

These are the things / that we will continue to learn
/ from Kobe Bryant.

Kobe gave / every last ounce of himself  (彼のすべての最後のひとかけら=彼の情熱の全てを) / to whatever he was doing.

After basketball , he showed a creative side to himself
/ that I didn't think / any of us knew he had.

In retirement , he seemed so happy.

He found new passions , and he continued to give back , as a coach, in his community.

More importantly , he was an amazing dad , amazing husband , who dedicated to himself (彼自身にひたむきな人) / to his family / and who loved his daughters / with all his heart.

Kobe never left anything / on the court.

And I think that's what he would want / for us to do.

No one knows / how much time we have.

That's why we must live in the moment , we must enjoy the moment , we must reach and see and spend / as much as time we can
 / with our families / and friends / and the people
/ that we absolutely love.

To live in the moment / means to enjoy each and everyone
/ that we come in / contact with.

When Kobe Bryant died , a piece of me died.

And as I look / in this arena / and across the globe , 
a piece of you(あなた方=会場のみなさん) died , 
or else(そうでなければ) you wouldn't be here.

Those are the memories / that we have to live with / and we learn from.

I promise you / from this day forward , I will live with the memories / of knowing / that I had a little brother / and I tried to help / in everywhere I could.

Please, rest in peace , little brother.