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Software development is the process / of conceiving, specifying, designing, programming , documenting, testing , and bug fixing /
involved / in creating and maintaining applications, frameworks , or other software components.

Software development / involves writing and maintaining / the source code , but in a broader sense , it includes all processes / from the conception / of the desired software / through to the final manifestation / of the software , typically in a planned / and structured process.

Software development also includes / research, new development ,  prototyping, modification , reuse, re-engineering, maintenance , or any other activities / that result / in software products.

Software can be developed / for a variety of purposes.

The three most common purposes are ,  to meet specific needs / of a specific client / or organization , to meet a perceived need / of some set / of potential users , or for personal use.

Scientist may write software / to automate a mundane task.

Embedded software development , that is, the development / of embedded software , such as used / for controlling consumer products , 
requires the development process / to be integrated / with the development / of the controlled physical product.

System software underlies / applications and the programming process itself, and is often developed / separately.

There are many approaches / to software project management , known as software development / life cycle models , methodologies, processes, or models.

The waterfall model is a traditional version , contrasted with the more recent innovation / of agile software development.

Though it is often used / as an interchangeable synonym / for "software development" , the term "software engineering" is also used / to refer to a particular approach / to software development , which uses engineering methods / and in some cases / involves professional engineering qualifications.