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中学校で習う文法の基礎を28の例文で網羅しよう! | 英文つまみ食い
中学校の英文法がよくわからないけど時間がない! とりあえず手っ取り早く簡単に全体を網羅したい! そのような方におすすめの28の例文です。
He may not be a teacher.
Do you know the truth of the world?
Where were you spoken to by a stranger?
I can’t be a Martian.
Tom hasn’t eaten anything for thirty years.
Does Tom have to go home?
If it is rainy tomorrow, we won’t be able to play baseball.
The train which I wanted to get on has gone.
I was born to play the guitar.
Have you ever seen the movie?
She has never missed school, has she?
He doesn’t know who I met yesterday.
Were you cooking when I came home?
Yumi finished making breakfast ten minutes ago.
Reading books is important for us.
Ken left the store without paying.
My dream is to be a witch.
Give me something cold to drink.
There is a house on the hill.
I have a book written in French.
Yumi is as tall as Tom.
Yumi is prettier than her sister.
Mt.Fuji is the highest mountain in Japan.
Jim is brighter than any other kid in the class.
She is one of the best tennis players.
The people working there are all Chinese.
I have an uncle who is a math teacher.